McCall’s 6173 View B or Don’t Say “Oh! This Will Be Easy!”

I sewed these leggings twice today. Seriously. Twice. The first time I used a black rib knit which while I really liked, it was my least favorite of the fabrics I had purchased for this project. I’m glad I did because not only did they turn out horribly, but the fabric was all wrong- It had the right amount of stretch, but was much less stable than it needed to be, and as a result, well, I’m calling them the horror pants and thinking they might fast track into the garbage.

M6173FrontFailM6173BackFailThis was after I took them in by almost two inches everywhere- they are hugely baggy, and fit worse than sweatpants. They are definitely not leggings. I had cut an XL according to my waist measurement but apparently that was not the correct thing to do. I’m not even willing to wear these around the house as they are horrible! I feel like I should be shopping at Walmart while wearing them. Ugh!

I re-cut the pattern down to a L for the second try, and used a much more stable fabric. This time not only did they fit, but they are wearable, even outside of the house. Unfortunately, they still do not look like leggings, but instead look like skinny pants. I saw (after the fact) someone’s review on this pattern with suggestions for making them actually fit like leggings, and may adjust the fit down the legs a bit later on to follow my curves better. There’s a slight bagginess at the knee that just screams “Pants!” when wearing these, even when they otherwise fit.

M6173FrontAs you can see, they fit. They aren’t totally embarrassing, and they don’t make me cringe. I can actually wear these and be comfortable. But they are still not leggings as is.


Ease of directions star5 McCall’s 6173 is definitely easy enough for some one brand new to sewing to construct, the directions are very easy to follow and clear, but without making modifications to the pattern, there is no way in hell these are going to look like leggings. They are leggings on the pattern envelope photos, and maybe in the smallest sizes they will look like that, but out of the package for larger sizes this pattern does not make them. It makes pants. Skinny pants.I’m still going to go ahead and make these with my other two fabrics I purchased for this, but will do the view with the fitted waistband and zipper entry.
Looks like picture star3
True to size star4
Ease of construction star5
Overall Rating star4
Skill Level BEGINNER

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  • Oh, yay! Dear Lady. Certainly get a perfect fit when we use trade pattern for the first time it can be very frustrating .. however, the second one is perfect! Maybe it needs to cut some inches in the leg contour for fit, but it’s sooooo pretty! Happy weekend dear Deb.

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