Some Polymer Clay Beads

A while back I purchase the Polyform AS2035 Sculpey Bead Maker, which advertises to make perfectly round beads in three sizes- 13mm, 16mm, and 18mm. It comes with little measuring cups for your clay to ensure you use the enact amount needed, and a roller contraption to form them into perfect spheres. I watched the video about it on YouTube when I heard about, and it looked so easy I rushed over to Amazon to buy one.

Then the little contraption sat in its box for a few months with my clay and other supplies doing nothing. Finally, about a week ago, I decided to bust it all out and make myself some round beads. I ended up using a half a dozen colors or so, and making 2 or 3 beads in each color. After I formed them, I used some of my sculpting tools to push little grooves and other texturing into their surfaces, and added other embellishments to some of them as well. Hearts, swirly lines, polka dots, and two of the beads were marbled.


All in all, a very good experience using this tool, and it was a nice relaxing way to pass part of the afternoon! So easy and fun! I’m looking forward to making more round beads with this little gadget.

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Simplicity 9723 With a Twist

Yesterday I showed you the jacket from this costume and the nearly finished blouse underneath it. Today I am showing you the whole thing together. I am really please with how this costume turned out and I cannot wait to wear it for Halloween! I’m so excited!


I made a lot of changes to this pattern as I went. As I think I mentioned yesterday, the blouse was lengthened to be able to be a separate piece from the skirt, and I added a side zip to it as well as slitted the upper back and finishing the edges with bias tape and a snap so my head would fit through to put it on.


I let off most of the trim this pattern called for. The jacket is already really wild so I was going to let that be the eye catching piece of the outfit and not compete with that.

I decided to tuck the front of the skirt up to give it more body and to show of those ruffles in the petticoat that I spent so much time working on. If you now me, you know I hate gathering and I hate doing ruffles, even if I love them when they are done. That petticoat was sent from Hell to make me crazy!

This was on my dress form before I decided to tack up the front of the skirt.
This was on my dress form before I decided to tack up the front of the skirt.

I was worried the waist would be too snug with the skirt fitted over the petticoat but if anything its a little loose and could be a bit tighter.

All in all I am really pleased with this one and glad I ignored the bad things people have said about this pattern and decided to give it a try with modifications.

Thanks for reading!


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Simplicity 9723 The Whole Shebang!

S9723EnvelopeSimplicity 9723 features a dress with two styles of skirt, and a jacket. At, two people have reviewed this pattern and they have had mixed things to say. One, its extremely historically inaccurate. Two, there have been various issues with the pattern, which I was glad I read about before getting started. The bad comments were almost enough to make me search for another pattern to use for Halloween (yup this is the basis of my Halloween costume this year!) but in the end I decided to go with it and make corrections as needed.

I spent a small fortune on fabrics for this project and so far I seem to have overbought across the board but the fabric allowances given on the envelope back are given for multiple pieces of the costume together-  there is no measurement given for just the jacket, its the jacket and skirt together. This left to me guessing at the amounts needed and at this point I have an extra yard+ of silver pleather as well as a good 1.5 yards left over of the black poly-cotton broadcloth.

The jacket is done in a bright silver metallic pleather with a reptile texturing to it, with black poly-cotton broadcloth for the lining. The blouse and petticoat (which I am currently working on) is done in the same poly-cotton broadcloth, and the skirt will be done in a deep red medium weight satin.

Jacket over not quite finsihed blouse. I still needed to hem it and put in the zipper.
Jacket over not quite finished blouse. I still needed to hem it and put in the zipper.

The biggest complaint with this pattern, and I agree with it completely, is that the blouse and skirt are sewn as one item, not separates. This is easy enough to fix. I added several inches in length to the blouse, and instead of having a center back zip as was intended, I cut the center back on the fold, and inserted a zipper under the arm. The neckline is high and snug though, so I cut a slit into the upper back at the neckline, finished the edges with bias tape, and added a snap closure at the neck. That way I can pull it on easily, but still retain the same look as before. I thought the neckline would make me feel claustrophobic but oddly enough its pretty comfortable to wear.

Have you ever seen such beautiful puffed sleeves in your life? I’m in love!

People who reviewed this also complained that the sleeve cuffs of the blouse are too tight to close when worn. All I can figure is they took too large of a seam allowance because not only are they closed when I put it on, but I can slide my hands through them while they are fastened without issue.

Whoever thought this was a good idea was insane! One pattern piece is 44" wide and has to be put together. Eek!
Whoever thought this was a good idea was insane! One pattern piece is 44″ wide and has to be put together. Eek!

I have the main pieces of the petticoat stitched together at this point, and when I resume working on it, I’ll be stitching together the ruffle pieces and adding them to the bottom of the petticoat. Then it will be on to the outer skirt an after that I’m done. I’m not looking forward to the petticoat ruffles as I hate gathering, but its got to be done. I’m looking forward to finishing this one and getting to wear it out for Halloween!

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